Frontier is thrilled to announce that FRONT - SRM Pool has been added to Serum Swap, an AMM protocol on Solana. Users can now provide FRONT - SRM liquidity in the pool to farm $SRM and earn LP fees.

This Guide will be divided into four parts

  1. Converting FRONT ERC20 to SPL using
  2. Providing FRONT - SRM liquidity into Serum Swap
  3. Checking your liquidity pools
  4. Removing liquidity from the pools
Note: is unaudited software, we always recommend users to exercise caution when using DeFi protocols.

♻️ Converting FRONT ERC20 to SPL using

Step #1: Create a Wallet on

Visit -> Note down the seed and store it somewhere safe ->Tick the box which says "I have saved these words in a safe place" -> Click "Continue"

Optionally pick a password to protect your wallet -> Click on "Create Wallet"

Wallet is successfully created 🎉

Step #2 Load the Wallet with SOL Token

Click on "Receive"

Copy the address -> and send "SOL" tokens to the address.

SOL token received successfully 🎉

Step #4 Convert FRONT ERC20 to SPL version

Click on "+" -> Search for Wrapped FRONT ( FRONT) -> Click on "ADD" -> Transaction will process -> Successfully address Wrapped FRONT

Note: To Add token to your wallet. There will be a cost of 0.002039 SOL

After adding token -> Click on "Receive"  

Now, we need to convert the ERC20 FRONT to SPL Wrapped Frontier token via Metamask. Click on Connect to "Metamask"

After connecting metamask wallet -> The FRONT balance will show up -> Enter the amount of $FRONT tokens you wish to Wrap -> Click "Convert"

  1. Approve the Conversion
  2. Send Funds
  3. Wait for confirmation

Close the Pop-up

You have successfully wrapped FRONT to SPL version 🎉

💧Providing FRONT - SRM liquidity into Serum Swap

Now that we have successfully wrapped FRONT to SPL version, it is time to provide FRONT - SRM Liquidity into Serum Swap

Let's load up some $SRM in our Sollet Wallet.

Click on "+" -> Add Serum SPL version to the wallet.

Click on "Receive" - Deposit SRM SPL version, or if you have ERC20 version of serum, then choose "ERC20 SRM" -> Connect Metamask and transfer.

We have successfully received SRM SPL version tokens 🎉

Now, we have:

✅FRONT SPL Version
✅SRM SPL Version
✅SOL tokens to pay transaction fees

Let's provide liquidity to FRONT - SRM Pair on Serum Swap

Step #1: Visit Serum Swap

Visit -> Connect your Sollet wallet by clicking on "Connect"

Wallet is successfully connected 🎉

Click on "Pool" -> Select "FRONT" and "SRM" from the menu

Enter the amount of FRONT and SRM you wish to provide liquidity into the Pool. The FRONT - SRM Pool is 50:50 ratio.

After entering the amount -> Click on "Create liquidity pool"

After clicking on "Create liquidity pool"  -> Sollet wallet will pop-up -> Click "Approve"

The transaction will execute and once confirmed. You have successfully provided liquidity into the FRONT - SRM Pool

🎯 Checking your Pools

To check your Pool, Click on "My pool" -> Under "Your Liquidity" you will see the pools you have provided liquidity.

💧 Removing Liquidity from the Pools

Click on My Pools -> Select the "Remove" option.

Approve the transaction -> The transaction will execute and once confirmed. You have successfully removed liquidity from FRONT - SRM Pool.


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