Farm $SUSHI by Staking FRONT - USDT LP on 🍣 SushiSwap

Serving $SUSHI to all FRONT - USDT LP Stakers on SushiSwap

Farm $SUSHI by Staking FRONT - USDT LP on 🍣 SushiSwap

Frontier is thrilled to share that we will be taking part in SushiSwap's new liquidity mining incentivization program, called Onsen, which allows FRONT-USDT liquidity providers to earn $SUSHI by staking their liquidity.

This is not all. Through Onsen (or SIMP #2) we will also be able to contribute into a join liquidity mining contract in the coming weeks so that LP's on SushiSwap not only earn $SUSHI but also earn $FRONT for providing SushiSwap liquidity.

As part of this effort with the SushiSwap community we encourage our FRONT-USDT LP's to stake into Onsen. We will also in the coming weeks reassess our current DEX liquidity balance so that SushiSwap, which we deployed late, catches up to the other platforms. You can read our full writeup here regarding Onsen plans.

It's Sushi Time $FRONT holders!

Step#1: Visit USDT - FRONT Pair on SushiSwap

Step #2: Connect Wallet to SushiSwap

SushiSwap supports Metamask and Wallet Connect using which you can connect your Mobile wallets with SushiSwap.

Step #3: Provide liquidity into USDT - FRONT pair

Input the amount of FRONT and USDT in equal ratio and Approve both USDT and FRONT to supply liquidity into USDT - FRONT pool.

Click on "Supply" to provide liquidity into pool.

After providing liquidity into the pool. You will see the LP position which we need to stake to farm $SUSHI

Step #4: Stake USDT - FRONT LP to farm $SUSHI

Click on "Approve Staking" -> Confirm the transaction on MetaMask.

After "Approve Staking" transaction is approved -> Click on "Stake" to stake the LP tokens.

Now enter the amount of LP tokens you wish to stake or you can also choose MAX to stake 100% of LP tokens.

Now wait until the transaction is confirmed, once confirmed you have successfully staked USDT - FRONT LP! 🎉

Happy Farming! 🚜🚜


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