First Mobile DeFi App to Support MakerDAO Vaults and DSR.

First Mobile DeFi App to Support MakerDAO Vaults and DSR.

Manage your existing MakerDAO vaults and DSR from Frontier’s Mobile interface

We are thrilled to announce Native support for MakerDAO Borrow and Save into Frontier Mobile interface. First DeFi App to manage all your MakerDAO Vaults and DSR without giving away your private keys.

MakerDAO Vault owners won’t have to use dApp browsers to manage positions anymore. Frontier plays as interface and for confirming the transactions, we connect to the user’s preferred wallets in a novel way using TxLink Frontier’s built-in solution to sign the transactions. Frontier supports Leading Mobile wallets such as Trust Wallet, Coinbase Wallet, MetaMask Mobile, imToken and Fortmatic.

MakerDAO Vault owners can perform Deposit, Withdraw, Generate, and Payback Operations. Frontier also supports MakerDAO Vault tracking and Smart DeFi Notifications making it super easy for Vault owners to keep Track + Manage + Notify everything at one single place.

Users having DSR positions can Deposit and Withdraw through Frontier.

Tracking your Vaults and DSR

Step 1: Download the App



Step 2: Launch the App and Enter your Ethereum Address or ENS and Name your wallet and Click on Watch

Once clicked on watch, the MainPage loads up all your DeFi positions. You would be able to see your MakerDAO Vaults and DSR positions.

Managing your Vaults

Step 3: Click on the MakerDAO vault card which you see on the Mainpage.

Once clicked, You will see all the details associated with your Vaults and options to perform vaults operations with the wallet through which you have created the vault.

Here’s an example showing, how I used Generate Operation using my Trust Wallet with Frontier’s Mobile interface.

Note:Frontier never asks users to import private keys or seed phrases, nor we support wallet creation. The user chooses the preferred wallet and signs the transaction on the wallet side.

The Need for Native dApps interfaces

dApp browsers were excellent; Crypto wallets introduced built-in browser which allowed users to surf the dApps and access them in a secured way. But these dApp browsers lacked the native mobile app user experience.

dApps needs the same experience as we use any other “App” on our phone. The need for a native dApp interface for DeFi is crucial. Frontier takes the first step in making the Native MakerDAO interface accessible to all Vault and DSR owners and manage them on Mobile.

Coming Up Next

  • Gasless Transaction for all DeFi operation via Frontier mobile interface.
  • Manage InstaDapp Vaults.
  • Manage Compound Finance positions.
  • Web app for Frontier.
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