FRONT Pre-Staking event is live on

Stake $FRONT and earn 36.4% APR on

FRONT Pre-Staking event is live on

We are excited to announce that Frontier (FRONT) Pre-staking event is now live on with an APR of 36.4%. This is Frontier's first ever joint Pre-staking program. This kicks off the precursor to what will be an exciting 2021 for $FRONT and Frontier Chain staking, as we diligently begin the task of preparing a refreshed roadmap for 2021 and much more exciting news to come!


Launched in August 2018, is a leading digital asset trading platform with a broad range of financial products and services for both retail and institutional clients, with robust design ranging from innovative volatility products to margin trading, derivatives trading, staking products, and other investment solutions.

How to participate in the FRONT Pre-Staking event?

Step #1 : Visit

Visit -> Click on Login if you are an existing users or Create a new account by clicking on Sign up.

Step #2: Login to your account

Step #3: Load your account wallet with FRONT

After successful sign-in -> Select "My Asset" -> Search "FRONT" -> click "Deposit" -> copy the deposit address and load your wallet.

Step #4: Staking FRONT

After loading up account with FRONT, it is time to stake them!

Click on "Investment Product" -> Select "Staking" from the menu

After clicking on the Staking option, you will see list of assets -> Select FRONT -> Click "View"

Read the Delegation rules and BitMax Staking Agreement. Click on "Delegate Now" -> Enter the amount of FRONT you wish to delegate -> Click "Confirm"

Pro Tip: BitMax Staking has Compound Mode which Re-Stakes the rewards generated. You can switch it on/off based on your preference!

You have successfully staked FRONT 🎉


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