Frontier Chain Incentivized Testnet Is Now Officially Live with $150,000 USD worth Rewards in $FRONT!

Frontier Chain Incentivized Testnet Is Now Officially Live with $150,000 USD worth Rewards in $FRONT!

Frontier is proud to announce that Frontier Chain Incentivized Testnet (Codename: Black Mamba 0) is now officially live, powered by Cosmos SDK. This marks the beginning of Frontier chain journey towards building a truly decentralized key management blockchain.

While working closely with Kava Labs - Frontier Chain incubator & strategic partner, it’s essential to listen and garner valuable feedback on the testnet. Frontier Chain will cycle through multiple iterations by continuously making improvements and adding more modules.

This current iteration marks the alpha release of Frontier Chain independent Cosmos-based blockchain. We are releasing the first testnet of phase 0 (Codename: Black Mamba 0) that will support token-related activities such as token transfers, staking, and governance. ERC20 FRONT as well as other cross-chain variants will not be affected and any information regarding a token swap will be determined at a later date.

To encourage community members to participate in Frontier Chain. Frontier is running a incentivized testnet campaign with a reward pool of up to $150,000 USD worth $FRONT. Validators and gentx participants will be rewarded with up to $3,000 USD worth or $FRONT for top participants.

Follow the steps below to participate in the Incentivized Testnet! This will be an iterative process and we will determine the end date and followup steps soon.

🌍 How to take part in Incentivized Testnet

The Frontier Chain Incentivized Testnet repo on GitHub

Step #1: Cloning the Frontier Chain repo

# clone the frontier chain repo
git clone

Step #2: Install the Frontier Chain repo

# install
cd frontier-chain && git checkout v0.1.0 && make install

Step #3: Initialize Frontier Chain

# initialize chain
frontd init my_node --chain-id frontier-chain-testnet-0-black-mamba

Step #4: Configuring the validator key

# Add validator key
frontcli config keyring-backend test

Step #5: Adding the validator key

frontcli keys add validator

After adding validator key, you will see the following on your Terminal

   "name": "validator",  "type": "local",  "address":       "front16r9u60nej38edv475nyu45sj8wnhkaypkgdcgc",  "pubkey": "frontpub1addwnpepqtx2eqzd4djk8c3nwfunpru28k33k0e8p472ng0ulc353jmdnmy2g84jvjk",  "mnemonic": "predict forum edit parent biology budget galaxy uphold cherry crater denial key amused battle inside you list network agree sure vibrant reveal engage faith"

Step #6: Creating GenTX

frontd add-genesis-account $(frontcli keys show validator -a) 1000000000000front
frontd gentx --name validator --amount 1000000000000front --keyring-backend test

Step #7: Create a Pull Request and add the GenTX file

After executing the step #6, the GenTX .json file will be created. Users are needed to create a pull request to the following Github repo Link and upload the GenTX file.

Ensure that your gentx JSON file has a proper hash at the end.