Frontier now supports Solana Blockchain

Send, Store, and Receive SOL using Frontier

Frontier now supports Solana Blockchain

Frontier is excited to announce Native Support for Solana Blockchain on Mobile Interface. This guide will walk you through the required steps for creating a Non-Custodial & decentralised wallet.

Currently Solana Blockchain support is live on Android, iOS devices and SPLs will be supported soon.

  1. Creation of Solana (SOL) Wallet
    1.0 – Creating new Solana Wallet
    1.1 – Importing Solana to Frontier

Creating new Solana(SOL) Wallet

Step – 1 Download Frontier
Frontier is compatible with Android devices and can be downloaded from Play Store.

Android – Play Store

Step – 2 Launch the App and Create Solana (SOL) Wallet
Launch the App and Click on Proceed which takes you to the Wallet creation page and then Click on Create Multi-coin wallet and Set up your Frontier Pin

Launch Frontier -> Proceed -> Create Multi-coin wallet -> Set up Frontier Pin

⚠️ NOTE: There is no way to recover your PIN if you lose it, Frontier does not store any user information.

Step – 3 Backup your 12 Word Seed phrases
After setting up the Frontier Pin, back-up 12 Word Seed Phrases

⚠️ NOTE: Frontier never stores Seed Phrases and user information, incase of loosing seed phrases. Frontier won't be able to recover the wallet. We Always recommend users to store their Seed phrases safely and securely where only they can access it.

We now have successfully created a Multi-Coin Wallet.

Step – 4 Access Solana (SOL) Wallet

To Access your Solana Wallet. Navigate to Menu -> Change Wallet -> Choose "Solana" -> Select as Primary

1.1 Importing Solana (SOL) Wallet
If you already have Solana Wallet, you can import it to Frontier Wallet in following steps.

Click on Import Wallet -> Choose Solana or Multicoin Wallet if you want to import multicoin wallet -> Enter your Phrase/ Key-store/ Private key -> Click on Create Pin

Note: Multiple other wallets are using different derivation path for solana wallet creation. Sometimes importing or exporting a wallet might show a different address. Currently Frontier to Trust Wallet and Trust Wallet to Frontier seed recovery are supported.

You have successfully imported your Solana Wallet to Frontier

Loading up Solana Wallet with SOL

After successfully creating Solana Wallet, Let's load-up the Wallet with some SOL Tokens

Click on Receive -> Copy the address or Scan the QR Code -> Send SOL tokens to your Solana Wallet.

Now you can Send, Receive and Store SOL securely in Frontier. Your keys your crypto!


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