Frontier x Trust Wallet β€” Magical DeFi Experience

Frontier x Trust Wallet β€” Magical DeFi Experience

Frontier integrates the Trust Wallet SDK to make the DeFi experience on Mobile more seamless and transaction signing more convenient.

TLDR: Thrilled to announce the integration of Trust Wallet SDK into Frontier to facilitate seamless transaction signing and brining magical DeFi Experience by building a native dApp and letting existing wallets handle the key management.

With this integration, Trust wallet users can now import the Public Eth address in one click into Frontier and start tracking DeFi Portfolio and perform DeFi operations such as

  • Lending πŸ€‘
  • Providing Liquidity using Native DeFiZap⚑
  • Exchanging tokens using Native πŸ”„
  • Managing your MakerDAO and InstaDApp Vaults and CDPs

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The Magical Experience

The integration helps Frontier to further improve the UX and Transaction signing.

One-Click import Trust Wallet Address

Previously, User had to manually copy-paste the public address into the required field and then click on Watch to proceed Further to the Main screen, but now with one click users can import their Public Address and start using Frontier.

Transaction Signing

Frontier has multiple native dApps integrated into its Application. With this integration, the transaction signing process becomes more seamless and convenient.

Now when the user performs any DeFi manage operations using Frontier with Trust Wallet. The entire process happens End-to-End with Notification as Transaction is successfully completed and Returned back to Application.

Read More on Trust Wallet SDK:

The Wallet Composability

We envision an ecosystem where there are 3 layers built as we speak, and this integration is the very first step in the creation of wallet composability ecosystem

First layer: Application like Frontier, which gives you access to various financial products like Lending, Staking, Taking a Loan and giving an overview of users financial portfolio.

Second layer: Application like Trust Wallet, where the user stores funds safely and securely and use it to make send, receive and make payments.

Third layer: The Ethereum Blockchain which acts as a settlement layer.

Web 3.0 Adoption using dApp browsers? NO!

dApps browsers were great, Crypto wallets introduced built-in browser which allowed users to surf the dApps and access them in a secured way. The thing which these dApp browsers lacked was poor User Experience. It’s definitely not the user experience which will bring Web 3.0 Adoption.

dApps needs the same experience as we use any other β€œApp” on our phone. Frontier makes it possible by doing native integration of Financial dApps like iEarn, DeFiZap, MakerDAO, InstaDApp and with Trust Wallet SDK offer a better user experience when signing the transaction. Just like how you would buy food from uber eats and pay with Google pay!

What all can you do with Frontier?

Frontier is a mobile-first, user-facing application. Frontier natively integrates multiple DeFi Protocols and wallets, making it super easy for users to Track, View and Manage positions across various DeFi protocols in real-time without having to give away private keys.


  • Track your DeFi portfolio
  • DeFi Notifications ( Transfers, MakerDAO Alerts, Compound Alerts)
  • Provide liquidity into Uniswap using DeFiZap
  • Lend into DeFi using iEarn, yield aggregator and optimiser
  • Manage your MakerDAO and InstaDApp Vaults and CDPs
  • Exchange token using native Dex.Ag integration

Coming up

  • Gasless Transaction for all DeFi operation via Frontier mobile interface
  • Native support for KAVA CDP Module
  • Curve.Finance integration
  • Frontier Web App for Desktop

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Learn More about Trust Wallet SDK:


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