This guide will walk through the easy steps of connecting AToken Wallet with Frontier to Track, Manage and explore DeFi Protocols and Staking.

This guide will be divided into two parts

  1. Connect AToken Wallet with Frontier
    1.1 Download Frontier and AToken
    1.2 Connecting AToken Wallet
  2. Confirming Transactions with AToken
    2.1 Accessing DeFi App
    2.2 Signing Transaction

⛓Connect AToken Wallet with Frontier

1.1 Download Frontier and AToken

Frontier and AToken Wallet are available on Play Store and App Store.

Frontier – iOS & Android
AToken – iOS & Android

1.2 Connecting AToken Wallet

To connect AToken Wallet with Frontier. Users need to input AToken Wallet's Public Ethereum Address into Frontier.

Launch Frontier -> Choose "Watch & Manage" -> Enter AToken Wallet's Public Ethereum Address -> Name the Wallet -> Click "Watch"

Note: Users only have to enter their public address. Not Seed or private keys. Connecting Wallets with Frontier doesn't require inputing Seed/Private Keys. We use TxLink to connect Mobile Wallets to Frontier. Read more about TxLink here:

We have now successfully connected AToken Wallet with Frontier 🎉

After connecting AToken with Frontier, Users can:

  • Track all their ERC20 and DeFi Positions across popular DeFi Protocols
  • Trade directly on Uniswap

Frontier supports Uniswap Protocol natively in its App, Users can connect Wallet and Trade top 100 Uniswap tokens.

  • Explore DeFi Apps

Frontier does native integrations of all the DeFi Applications. Users get the best UX when interacting with protocols.

🔓Confirming Transactions with AToken

In the first half, we have shown, how to connect AToken Wallet with Frontier. Now, we will show how to use a DeFi App on Frontier and Sign transaction using your AToken Wallet.

2.1 Accessing DeFi App

We will be using AAVE Protocol as example here.

Go to the "Apps" Section -> Choose AAVE -> Select any asset you want to lend -> Enter the amount -> Click on "Continue to Deposit" -> Choose "AToken Wallet"

After choosing "AToken Wallet" -> AToken Wallet pops up -> Confirm the Transaction -> Done.


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