Farm $LUA by Providing $FRONT Liquidity into LuaSwap

A Step-by-Step Guide to providing liquidity into Uniswap and staking LP tokens on LuaSwap [LUA - FRONT]

Farm $LUA by Providing $FRONT Liquidity into LuaSwap

Frontier is thrilled to announce that LUA - FRONT pool pair has been added to Luaswap, a Multi-chain liquidity protocol and users can now farm $LUA tokens by staking LUA-FRONT UNI-V2 LP Tokens (official smart contract address).

We would like to thank the LuaSwap team for considering $LUA - $FRONT to be added as one of the pool pairs for farming $LUA and also a BIG THANKS to our amazing community for showing support by voting on governance proposals and Twitter!

This guide will be divided into two parts

  1. Providing liquidity into the LUA - FRONT pair on Uniswap
  2. Staking LUA-FRONT UNI-V2 LP Tokens on LuaSwap

🦄 Providing liquidity into LUA - FRONT pair on Uniswap

Step #1: Visit Uniswap

In order to obtain LUA - FRONT UNIV2 LP Tokens, we need to first deposit LUA and FRONT into the LUA - FRONT pool on Uniswap. Visit the Uniswap pool pair -> Connect your wallet -> Choose the preferred wallet you wish to connect.

Enter the amount you wish to deposit into LUA - FRONT Pool -> Approve LUA and FRONT

After Approving LUA and FRONT -> Click on Supply -> Confirm supply -> Transaction submitted on ethereum blockchain.

Once the transaction is confirmed, you have successfully deposited LUA and FRONT tokens into the pool and have obtained LUA-FRONT UNI-V2 LP Tokens which we will stake on Luaswap to farm LUA tokens.

💰 Staking LUA-FRONT UNI-V2 LP Tokens on Luaswap

Step #1: Go to

In order to farm $LUA we need to stake the LUA - FRONT UNIV2 LP tokens on Luaswap.


Step #2: Scroll down and select LUA - FRONT pair

Scroll down the Luaswap homepage -> you will find LUA - FRONT card under the section "Select your fields" -> Click on "Select"

After clicking select -> Click on "Unlock Wallet To Continue" -> Select the preferred wallet.

Now click on "Approve LUA - FRONT UNI-V2 LP" to stake the LP tokens to farm $LUA -> Confirm the transaction -> the transaction is broadcasted to the ethereum network.

Once the transaction is confirmed and you have approved the LUA - FRONT UNI-V2 LP. Click on "Stake"

Once the transaction is confirmed, you have successfully staked your LUA - FRONT UNI-V2 LP tokens and started farming $LUA

Happy Farming! 🌾


  1. What are the Risks? ⚠️
    When Providing liquidity into Pool. The Liquidity provider much be aware of the Impermanent losses which he might face. The Assets deposits into the pool are volatile assets.

    For example: If ETH goes up in value, the pool has to rely on arbitrageurs continually ensuring that the pool price reflects the real-world price to maintain the same value of both tokens in the pool. This basically leads to a situation where profit from the token that appreciated in value is taken away from the liquidity provider. At this point, if the LP decides to withdraw their liquidity, the impermanent loss becomes permanent.

    Read More here:
  2. Why can't I see my pool position on Uniswap? 🤔
    Whenever user provides liquidity into pools, the user gets LP tokens which indicates the position or the pool share of that particular user. The LP tokens are staked on Luaswap i.e they are transferred from your wallet to Luaswap smart contract.

    You can withdraw the LP tokens anytime from Luaswap to your wallet and Uniswap will show pool position again.
  3. How to buy FRONT and LUA Tokens 🛒
    Users can buy FRONT and LUA tokens from both DEX's and Centralised exchanges.

    Check out the CoinGecko's page to know where is FRONT and LUA trading and are available to buy.


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