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Introducing Frontier Wallet

January 1st, 2020 · 1 min read

What is Frontier Wallet?

Simple and secure wallet for accessing DeFi at your mobile, without giving your private keys.

Why is it Secure?

  1. We strongly believe in Not your Keys Not your Coins, therefore we do not ask for your private keys.
  2. We connect your existing DeFi wallets and addresses in one app in a novel and secure way.
  3. We never ask for any of your personal information.

What problem does Frontier Wallet solve?

DeFi space is exploding and in 2 years, we have 10s of protocols and user-facing products. A user currently has to manage multiple addresses on multiple platforms, to track and access information about their assets and data a user has to navigate to these platforms individually.

Frontier will tie in info of all of your addresses, wallets and data, associated with DeFi and ERC20 tokens at one mobile app, bringing `DeFi at your finger tips`

Frontier - all devices

What is next for the Frontier Wallet?

1.Currently, we support MakerDao SCD, Compound Finance, Set Protocol, Uniswap and dy/dx. 2.We will continue integrating more protocols like Fulcrum, NUO, Synthetix and MakerDao MCD integration in a few days. 3.More features in our app to make DeFi Simple Safe and Mobile.

We are thankful to Covalent for providing us with the most valuable data of blockchain.

##Download the beta Frontier 1.0 is coming very soon! In the meantime, we’d love to hear your feedback! Download the Frontier Wallet for iOS Mobile, iPad and Android beta today.

Send us your feedback on Mail —

Visit Frontier Wallet for more info.

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