Introducing Lend & Earn

Introducing Lend & Earn

Get access to the highest Yield opportunities in DeFi

TLDR: Introducing Lend and Earn on Frontier Wallet with the native integration of, a simplified aggregator that optimizes lending into the highest yielding protocols.

With Frontier new Lend and Earn feature, users now get access to high lending rates in DeFi using existing mobile wallets such as Coinbase Wallet, Metamask mobile, Trust Wallet, imToken, Fortmatic through Frontier Mobile interface.

Existing yEarn user can track and manage (Supply and Withdraw) from Frontier’s Mobile interface. Connect the wallet you used and perform the related operations.

Note: Frontier never asks users to import private keys or seed phrases. Users select the wallets they want to use and sign a transaction on the wallet side (Native wallet integration)

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Lending has been one of the solid use-cases of DeFi. About 610M USD worth assets such as ETH, Stable-coins and WBTC etc., are locked in DeFi, and there are multiple DeFi protocols such as Aave, Compound Finance, dY/dX, bZx and DDEX etc. users use to Lend assets and earn interest on the assets. The rates offered on these assets varies from one protocol to others based on demand and supply. Hence users always keep looking for an opportunity where he/she can make MAX out of the assets lent on these protocols.

So here’s what a DeFi user would do to optimize lending position from DeFi.

  1. Keeps monitoring multiple DeFi protocols and checks which protocol offers the highest interest on the Asset the user wants to lend.
  2. Moving positions from one DeFi protocol to another.

The user doesn’t have to go through these hassles anymore! With the yEarn native integration in Frontier. We aim to make #DeFi much easier for both existing and new users!

What’s new in Frontier Earn Feature?

It’s not the first time we have heard a DeFi App having a dedicated “Earn” feature which helps users to earn interest on their assets by lending into DeFi.

Unlike other User faced DeFi product which have only one DeFi Protocol integrated. So even if other DeFi Protocols are offering competitive rates, there’s no way to optimize the lending, and you would be not making the Max out of what you have Lent.

Frontier’s Earn Section is Native integration of yEarn.Finance which aggregates Leading DeFi Protocols such as AAVE, Compound, DDEX, dY/dX and optimizes your Lending positions across these protocols and also supports multiple stable coins such as DAI, USDT, USDC, TUSD, sUSD etc

Existing DeFi users and yEarn users

For Existing DeFi Users: Users who keep shifting from one DeFi protocol to another to seek higher interest rates on the asset they want to lend. Now they can use Frontier’s Mobile interface and deposit the asset they wish to Lend and earn the highest interest offered in DeFi on that asset and keep track of your portfolio at the same time.

Frontier Natively supports multiple mobile wallets such as Trust Wallet, Metamask Mobile, Fortmatic, Coinbase wallet. Users can select their preferred wallet and sign the transaction on the wallet side.

For New users

Keep it Simple. Straightforward. Easy — Accessing #DeFi shouldn’t be difficult nor confusing. Users looking for a low-risk financial product and want to earn passive income on the idle sitting asset (Stable-coins). Frontier now makes it easy for them to put their idle sitting assets to work for them. Bringing DeFi to fingertips.

You can also follow easy steps

Step #1

Download the App



Step #2

Launch the App -> Click on Watch & Manage -> Enter your ETH or ENS Address

Step #3

Click on the Earn Tab -> Select the Asset you want to lend and Click on Deposit -> Enter the amount -> Confirm

Step #4

Select your Wallet — Frontier supports Trust Wallet, Coinbase Wallet, Metamask Mobile, imToken and Fortmatic.

In this case, I am choosing Trust Wallet.

Confirm the Allowance and then the Transaction on the chosen Wallet side.

That’s it! Now sit back and relax! watch your money grow 🥳

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