Introducing TxLink — Wallet Composability on Mobile

Introducing TxLink — Wallet Composability on Mobile

TLDR: We are excited to launch TxLink — A middleware between dApps and mobile wallets like MetaMask, TrustWallet, Coinbase Wallet for transaction signing. Two prominent reasons for building this: 1) Removing platform dependency for users. 2) Simplifying Multiple Address Management.

Our vision behind building TxLink is to let users interact with dApps through their preferred wallet on Mobile without forcing them to create a new wallet or to import private keys or seed phrases of existing wallets. TxLink is a middle layer that enables building a Native dApp and letting the existing wallets handle the key management.

What is Wallet Composability?

As per Wikipedia, composability is a system design principle that deals with the inter-relationships of components. A highly composable system provides components that can be selected and assembled in various combinations to satisfy specific user requirements.

Wallet composability is a system that enables the user to choose the desired wallet to perform or complete certain operations i.e Staking, Gaming dApps, DeFi protocols, NFT, etc. and thereby removing the address fragmentation problem.

TxLink, a middleware that connects dApps and DeFi protocols like MakerDao, compound finance, bZx, Synthetix, etc, to user’s preferred wallets bringing wallet composability on mobile.

TxLink uses deep linking tech, which enables applications like Frontier to connect with existing wallets like Metamask mobile, Trust Wallet, imToken, Fortmatic, Torus, Portis, Coinbase Wallet, etc. or any web3 mobile wallet which supports EIP- 681 and thereby enabling wallet composable ecosystem on mobile.

Users can interact with web 3.0 applications like DeFiZap in the above image and then select the desired wallet to complete the transaction such that the transaction is signed on the wallet side and the user never has to import private keys.

Since the launch of the ethereum blockchain, wallets have always been all-encompassing tools with several useful features. Ranging from the trusted environment, storing your private keys, recovering your accounts, integrations with other dApps, and now interaction with DeFi products, wherein you can stake, lend and borrow your assets. Etc.

Using wallets a user can interact with a dApp and make transactions as per his wish. But the current dApp interaction experience with wallets is broken and poor, in a way that currently there is a six-step process to use any dApp.

  1. Open wallet “X”
  2. Create a new address or import an existing wallet.
  3. Click on dApp browser option
  4. Enter the website link to the dApp
  5. Interact with the UI and select the operation you want to do.
  6. Approve the transaction.

TxLink reduces the friction both for users and builders, using TxLink the above steps will be reduced into three -

  1. Open the application X
  2. Select interactions to be made on the application X like exchanging tokens, lending, borrowing, etc.
  3. Approve the transaction within the application X.

Native dApps developers currently face difficulty to build on mobile because of two problems 1 ) Key management and 2) user on-boarding experience.

Example: Alice wants to build an iOS app for a Lending protocol say ‘X protocol’. He has to first come up with a key management solution and also needs to offer users, options of creating a new wallet or to import existing wallets and after figuring out these, Alice has to come up with the native UI/UX.

Currently, there’s no way where Alice can natively integrate existing wallets and therefore if a user wants to use Alice’s app, they are forced to create a new wallet or import existing one, there’s just no other option.

Frontier + TxLink = Native UI/UX for dApps + Wallet Composability on Mobile 😎

What is Frontier: Frontier is the first application having sleek UI to engage with DeFi applications, providing a way to track and manage assets, exchanging tokens, without asking for private keys of users. Frontier also notify users on liquidation of loans, about change in APR. Frontier does all this on mobile using TxLink.

As a DeFi user, with every day changing scenarios, it is very difficult to keep yourself on top of everything and to manage your assets and that’s perhaps one of the strongest reasons to latch onto Frontier.

Currently, three layers are getting built as we speak:

1. An application like Frontier.

2. A secure enclave (or hardware wallet) to store.

3. Ethereum blockchain as the settlement layer.

Now, the users can interact with dApps/Protocols and choose the wallet the user wants to transact with thereby removing the burden of creating a new wallet, removes the platform dependency and offer a seamless Web 3.0 experience.

With this TxLink integration into Frontier, we bring wallet composability to cell phones. Most first-time internet browsers now originate from cell phones and this trend has already passed on to the DeFi segment.

Example: Frontier Native UI/UX dApp interacting with existing wallets through TxLink.

In the coming weeks, we will be releasing TxLink SDK for developers and TxLink Widget as a plug-n-play for existing dApps.


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