Native InstaDApp on Mobile

Native InstaDApp on Mobile

Track & Manage all your InstaDApp MakerDAO and Compound Positions

Thrilled to announce Native support for InstaDApp into Frontier Mobile interface. Making it every first DeFi Mobile App to manage all your InstaDApp MakerDAO Vaults and Compound Finance positions without giving away your private keys.

InstaDApp users won’t have to use dApp browsers anymore to manage their positions. With Frontier, Users can manage them by connecting their Mobile Wallets such as Trust Wallet, Coinbase Wallet, MetaMask Mobile, imToken, and FortMatic and sign transactions. Completely Non-Custodial and Secure.

Frontier also supports complete DeFi Portfolio tracking and Notification making it super easy for to keep Track + Manage + Notify everything at one single place.

The Need for Native dApps interfaces

dApp browsers were great, Crypto wallets introduced built-in browser which allowed users to surf the dApps and access them in a secured way. But lacked the native mobile app user experience.

dApps needs the same experience as we use any other “App” on our phone. The need for native dApp interface for DeFi is crucial. Frontier takes the first step in making the Native InstaDApp interface accessible on Mobile.

Coming up Next

  • Support for InstaDApp DSA
  • Gas-less Transaction for all DeFi operation via Frontier mobile interface.
  • Web app for Frontier
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