We are thrilled to announce that $Matic staking is now live on Frontier Mobile App. Users can connect their Preferred Mobile Wallets such as Trust Wallet, Coinbase Wallet, ImToken, Metamask mobile, and FortMatic and stake Matic tokens seamlessly via Frontier Mobile interface.

We'll divide the guide into Two Parts

  1. Connecting existing Wallets with Frontier
    1.0 Download Frontier App
    1.1 Connect Frontier with existing Mobile wallets
  2. Staking $Matic Tokens
    2.0 Staking $Matic Tokens on Validators

Let's get started

👉 Connecting existing Wallets with Frontier

1.0 Download Frontier App

Frontier App is available for iOS devices and can be downloaded from App Store.

Download the App from here

1.1 Connect Frontier with existing Mobile Wallets

Frontier is Mobile interface for DeFi, Users can connect any wallets to access Native DeFi, and Staking.

All user has to do is Enter the Ethereum Public Address and Name the Wallet.

For Matic Staking: Users can connect Trust Wallet, Coinbase Wallet, MetaMask Mobile, ImToken and Fortmatic and stake Matic Tokens directly from these wallets using Frontier.

Open the Frontier App -> Click on "Proceed" -> Click on "Watch & Manage"   -> Enter your Ethereum Public address and Name your Wallet -> Click on "Watch" -> Main Asset page appears -> Click on "Stake"

👉 Staking $Matic Tokens

Now that we have connected Ethereum Wallet with Frontier, It's time to Stake some $Matic!!

2.0 Staking $Matic Tokens on Validators

Click on "Stake" -> Select the Validator -> Enter the amount of $Matic to stake -> Click "Stake" -> Confirm details in Review screen -> Click on "Confirm"

After clicking "Confirm" -> You will see a drawer which says Choose Wallet -> Select the wallet you want to proceed.

If you choose Trust Wallet -> Trust Wallet will open -> Confirm the Allowance -> Confirm the Transaction -> Successfully staked Matic 🎉

The above steps are same for all other wallets Frontier supports

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