Balancer Pool tracking now Live on Frontier

Track & View Balancer Pools positions seamlessly with Frontier Mobile App

Balancer Pool tracking now Live on Frontier

We are thrilled to announce that Balancer Pool tracking is now live on Frontier Mobile App. Users can track positions by entering ENS ( Ethereum Name Service) or Ethereum Public Address.

What is Balancer

Balancer is a non-custodial generalized automatic market maker (AMM) protocol which enables users to provide liquidity into pools and also exchange/trade assets.

When users provide liquidity into whitelisted Balancer pools, the Liquidity providers are rewarded in $BAL tokens which is Native Governance token of Balancer protocol.

Source: Balancer's Blog 


Step 1: Download Frontier

Frontier is available for both Android and iOS devices and can be downloaded from respective stores.

App Store – Link
Play Store – Link

Step 2: Entering your ENS or Ethereum address to track DeFi

Launch the App -> Click on Continue -> Enter your ENS or Ethereum Address -> Track DeFi 💵

iOS Flow 
Android Flow

Do more with Frontier📲

With Frontier you can do more than just Tracking DeFi. You can Access Native DeFi Applications, Exchange, and Staking by connecting wallets without having to import private keys or seed phrases.

Here are few integrations which you can explore and experience Native DeFi on Mobile.

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