Trade $FRONT on

A Step-by-Step guide to trade $FRONT on Using Frontier and Desktop/Web App

Trade $FRONT on

We are pleased to announce that $FRONT has been added to, a Liquidity aggregator protocol which sources liquidity from multiple Dex's and gives the best rates for swapping/trading Ethereum based assets.

We thank the team for quickly whitelisting and adding $FRONT to!

We will divide the guide in two parts.

  1. Trading $FRONT on Native Using Frontier
  2. Trading $FRONT on [Desktop/ Web App]

📱Trading $FRONT on Native Using Frontier

Step #1 Download Frontier

Frontier app is available on both App Store and Play Store.

Download the Frontier iOS App from here
Download the Frontier Android App from here

Step #2 Connect Frontier with existing Mobile Wallets

Frontier is Mobile interface for DeFi, Users can connect any mobile wallets to access Native DeFi, Staking and Trading assets.

Open the Frontier App -> Click on "Proceed" -> Click on "Watch & Manage"   -> Enter your Ethereum Public address and Name your Wallet -> Click on "Watch" -> Main Asset page appears -> Click on "Apps"

Step #3 Select

After clicking on Apps -> Choose "Exchanges" -> Select "" -> Select "FRONT" and other asset you want to trade with -> Click "Swap Now"

Step #4 Select the Wallet

After confirming the details of the trade. You will see a drawer which says Choose Wallet -> Select the wallet you want to proceed.

Example: You choose Trust Wallet, Trust Wallet opens up -> Give Allowance -> Confirm the transaction.

🖥 Trading $FRONT on [Desktop/ Web App]

Step #1  Visit

Step #2 Connect your Wallet

Connect your Web 3 wallets with to trade $FRONT with other assets. supports MetaMask, WalletConnect, Authereum, Fortmatic, and MEW Wallet.

Step #3 Buy and Sell $FRONT

Using FRONT/ETH as example, you can trade $FRONT with any available assets on  

  • Buying $FRONT with Ethereum
  • Selling $FRONT for Ethereum
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